Arizona Winter

(null)It's been like this...  mixed sun and overcast.... rain and snow dustings.... then sun again.     Cold one day, then t-shirts the next. Bi-polar weather is always a surprise.  25 years of living in and loving this weather, but I must admit, I would really love some snow right now.

Recently, I walked for a few hours along the upper Verde River canyon rim. It was downright balmy!  Saw a few hares, a red tailed hawk, many rascally ravens, and a barn owl swooping silently up from the canyon bottom. Otherwise, not a soul to be heard or seen.


(null)Jackass Butte in the distance. Moki and I head down one of the many "Iron Gate" trails to the bottom of the canyon. (null)There are a bunch of basalt boulders down here with words and pics from days past (and present.)  Throughout time, people have added theirs to the mix.  I would love to have seen this before modern peeps scraped their names into it.(null)

(null)I didn't touch the Petroglyphs, but wanted to make a quick (barefoot) move to the top of the right side.  I've been visiting this boulder for twenty-five years, rock-climbing the canyon walls surrounding it and swimming in the pools.  We don't climb where the Petros are, or where the birds (owls, falcons, ravens) are nesting.  I sat atop this ancient boulder and watched ravens flying in and out of the canyon, black specs against and on-again/off-again deep blue sky.(null)The back side of the Petroglyph boulder, with the "Shadowlands" side of the canyon seen behind.(null)

(null)This is the biggest Petroglyph I have ever seen.  It is as big as me.  Foot for reference.  Pregnant Mule Deer, Pronghorn, or Elk??  What do you think?(null)