cormorant skull with stone

I've been finishing up a wonderful e-course called Flying Lessons.  All about getting a creative business up and running, plus lots of love and inspiration.  some of us artists would rather be creating instead of dealing with the business side of it.  I'm working on it.
The time I spend wandering the woods and mesas and creeks allows me to find things like this cormorant skull.  Actually I was walking with a friend along the shore of a lake and she found it.  Because most people (who know me) know I love bones and skulls, she gave it to me.
new print
new article on BellaOnline:  Using Textures in Photoshop Layers
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hand in hand

i found this elk leg with hoof in the meadow; the hunters leave these around after field dressing.  since i collect bones and things, naturally I was excited at this find.  often, the dogs will bring them home, but chew them beyond recognition.  this one was near perfect (would have preferred if it was still running under its live elk body.)