Apache creek owl feathers

in the far pasture I found owl feathers scatted all around the base of a tree.  my intuition tells me a local rancher shot it down.  there really aren't any other owl predators (especially a great horned.)  
around here the ranchers shoot coyotes and rattlesnakes for fun; what would keep them from shooting an owl sitting in a tree.  
I never found the body.  
perhaps a coyote came and got an easy meal.
here is a random shot of our outdoor warming circle.  great for cooking on and toasting marshmallows. also, sipping tea on a cold night.
the wolf and the coyote at Apache Creek
i saw this boulder today and decided i'd like to get to know it better.  
the granite around here is pretty wise and proud.
imagine what they have seen! 
and finally, a recent antler project.
see the story here.
xoxoxo kerry

Five Fact Friday: Reflections of You

~i have been a rockclimber for twenty-five years~
~one time i spent two nights and three days on a "big wall" in Yosemite~
~i also spent three months hiking the appalachian trail alone; i was 19~
~i heat my entire house (600 sq. feet) with this little lovely "Fatso"~
~i have a thing for photographing bones~
~sometimes i have to drive across flash flood areas to get to and from town~
~i have an amazing family~
Ni Hao Yall


Thank You to everyone who made my Photo Show possible and successful.  The crowd was amazing; the music was perfect (Thank You, Generation!) and the food/wine was plentiful.  To all those who have supported me (and continue to support me) by purchasing my art, again, I Thank You. 
To the land that inspired this entire body of work:  you are my muse; thank you for revealing your secrets to me.  
To my family:  it simply wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you for the space and freedom to explore.    My heart is full and my love is BIG.

Mesa and Meadow

A storm was moving in over the west edge of the mesa; one of the horses stood looking to the east.  The light was just perfect on the trees.  That's how it is here; always a magical moment.