Wild Burros!

I have been wanting to find the burros as long as I have known they live just two hours away.
before we even got to the creek they were there; standing in front of us.
curious but wary.

cool old car in a dry wash on the way down
Burro creek wilderness area is a low desert water wonderland.  hiking, swimming, shade trees, rock walls and a tiny bit of canyoneering fun if you don't want to hike overland.
the canyon opens up to a great swimming and camping area. 
Always inspired when I've been out exploring, I came back with a few new design ideas and have they been popular!
I sold one right off my person within the first day after making one.
so fun!
the sterling silver ball chain adds a soft touch to the rugged nature of the antler and turquoise.
also in copper.
I hope May finds you elbow deep in some garden soil, high on a mountain ridge, or kissing the velvet muzzle of your favorite wild pony.
Big hugs to all my wild mountain lovin' sisters!

↠ the many lives of cervid antlers ↞

most of you know:
I collect antlers.
from deer and elk.
I find them wandering.
friends give them to me.
they are roadkill
or mountain lion kill.
every time I find one,
 I am moved to make something to honor the life it had
before I happened upon it's loveliness.
Once again,
I honor you elk
I honor you deer.
Thank You
also a few pieces
from my beloved pipestone and local turquoise

running, exploring and new shop update

➳ I've just uploaded the new elk antler pendants with a larger turquoise piece. 
I still have the originals in the shop, as well as wild and lovely earrings.  
I will be adding more treasures soon.
The temps were in the 60's the last couple of weeks so I was getting out as much as I could:  hiking, walking and running up on mt. tritle, in hassayampa river valley, in the apache creek and juniper mesa wilderness areas.  These excursions refresh my spirit and body and allow me time to take photos (you should try running with a vintage TLR Mamiya over your shoulder.  I usually go out for 2 - 3 hours; or 3 - 5 miles depending on what I am doing and when I have to get back to work.  (Though I like to think when I am out running and capturing images and collecting antlers I am working.  
p.s.  check out these; Amazing. 

a little trot through the woods and other things

I just added a couple things to my shop.  Check out the new earrings: both Turquoise Howlite and Jasper with Elk antler.  
Here are a few photos.

Thank you to everyone who purchased before I left for the Northeast.  I can still ship while I am away and if you order today, I think I can get them to you before Christmas.
While I was walking (before I left) I saw these things that made me smile:
I found the blackberry brandy bottle deep in the forest tucked behind a boulder, remnants of the brandy still inside.  I like to imagine what kind of human brought the brandy deep in the forest and tucked the bottle so neatly after he finished.  Was he sleeping nearby? Hunting deer?  javelina?  elk?  mountain lion?  or did he just want to sit in a magical place to sip the cordial?
Have a wonderful Season; enjoy every breath and moment with your loved ones.  
☆ They are precious; as are YOU ☆

the wing and the weed shadow

I opened the book (Soul Unearthed) and this delicate dragonfly? cicada? wing fell out.  I laid it on the page, grabbed my camera and snapped this shot.  A sweet morning shadow from the autumn grass lounged across the page next to the wing. 
I have been working so hard on my pendants.  A little side track from my usual photographing, printing and matting of images.  But as people started asking for them I had to make more.  They are simple and rustic and each one is unique.  I have been selling them quickly; I guess it is the season.  Earrings are next.
Who can tell me what the pendants are resting against??

Apache creek owl feathers

in the far pasture I found owl feathers scatted all around the base of a tree.  my intuition tells me a local rancher shot it down.  there really aren't any other owl predators (especially a great horned.)  
around here the ranchers shoot coyotes and rattlesnakes for fun; what would keep them from shooting an owl sitting in a tree.  
I never found the body.  
perhaps a coyote came and got an easy meal.
here is a random shot of our outdoor warming circle.  great for cooking on and toasting marshmallows. also, sipping tea on a cold night.
the wolf and the coyote at Apache Creek
i saw this boulder today and decided i'd like to get to know it better.  
the granite around here is pretty wise and proud.
imagine what they have seen! 
and finally, a recent antler project.
see the story here.
xoxoxo kerry

the evolution of a wild mountain pendant

many miles of wandering these creeks and mesas and mountains reveal the treasures i love to collect.  it take countless hours of "dirt time."
i find things and beings whose big hearts once beat in their brave chests.
this lovely young man was found in the mountains near my home.
the hunters left his head (face), legs and interestingly enough, his antlers.
of course i went back with a saw.  i use these antlers for various projects (which by the way are shed naturally every spring by the lads.)
check 'em out on ESTY

hand in hand

i found this elk leg with hoof in the meadow; the hunters leave these around after field dressing.  since i collect bones and things, naturally I was excited at this find.  often, the dogs will bring them home, but chew them beyond recognition.  this one was near perfect (would have preferred if it was still running under its live elk body.)

Elk Hides

In the fall, during the Elk hunting season, I collect unwanted hides.  Often times the hunters leave them in the forest.  I put the word out and the hides show up.  I use the dry scape and traditional brain tan method to make beautiful soft buckskin.  It can be used for anything you would use soft leather or suede for.  Here are a couple bags I made during the cold snowy  months last winter. Kiva and I sat near the woodstove, listened to stories on CD's and beaded these designs.

I didn't take any new hides this year as I am still scraping a large bull elk and a deer hide from last winter.  I use the antlers for buttons, beads and pendants.