Day out in Hidden Canyon

I love my Pentax 6x7!
first three photos are taken with the beast.
fourth is taken with iphone.
last is taken with Pentax K10 

↟ my photogenic beauty ↡

Spring LOVE is flowing big!
and lots of new LOVELIES in the shop.
speaking of lovelies, just one more of my favorite model.
Be grateful everyday for something (even just one thing) in your life.
Make this one wild and precious life something to be grateful for.

Too Much Goodness (never)

sometimes when I wait too long to post and a lot is going on, I become so overwhelmed with it all
 that I can't even start.  Just too much goodness! 
so I will start with this:  
I was featured over HERE today; this lady has a great space and has featured some really excellent artists.
I am still getting used to my new (old) schedule having my daughter out of school.  I am leaping in joy that she chose to "unschool" again.  However, it takes a little time readjusting the schedule and routine I finally got into after she decided to GO to school two years ago.  I am making less art to sell but making a more artful  life by nourishing her in hear learning and nurturing her growth into a young woman.
She amazes me everyday!  (she decided she wanted to learn French, so just started teaching herself and said after French she will learn Russian.) 
Go Kiva! 
I'll get into the swing of things, balance all of our needs and still get out roaming the mountains.
speaking of....
I found this lovely treasure while on the side of Maverick mnt. (juvenile javelina)
Also found a young buck killed by a mountain lion
And made these beauties (with local turquoise) to honor his remains 
Went rock climbing with my family here
And updated the SHOP with some new lovlies like this one
I hope you all are able to enjoy this amazing spring weather.  get out and move that body, breathe the fresh air and be grateful everyday for something.

skinny dipping in february?

let me just say a few words that sum up the past few weeks:
pendleton wool
skinny dipping
flowing water
smart wool
fresh powder
inspired work

☆ NOW on ETSY 

oops, just sold! sorry.

the evolution of a wild mountain pendant

many miles of wandering these creeks and mesas and mountains reveal the treasures i love to collect.  it take countless hours of "dirt time."
i find things and beings whose big hearts once beat in their brave chests.
this lovely young man was found in the mountains near my home.
the hunters left his head (face), legs and interestingly enough, his antlers.
of course i went back with a saw.  i use these antlers for various projects (which by the way are shed naturally every spring by the lads.)
check 'em out on ESTY

cowboy cabin for an introvert

it is no secret i am an introvert; not to be confused with a misanthrope.  i love humans and i love my friends.  
  introverts are often drained of energy after lengthy interactions with other humans; contrast this to extroverts who are energized by being with groups.  
introverts think deeply; talk sparingly.
introverts love solitude; they love quiet; they love home.
enter the wilderness cabin (aka:  the bunkhouse), my dream for introversion.  
it's where i hope to go to recover.
to replenish the spirit.
this particular dreamy cabin is about 300 sqare feet of
remote, rustic minimalist living.
cabin is in an undisclosed location in the mountains of Arizona. 


Thank You to everyone who made my Photo Show possible and successful.  The crowd was amazing; the music was perfect (Thank You, Generation!) and the food/wine was plentiful.  To all those who have supported me (and continue to support me) by purchasing my art, again, I Thank You. 
To the land that inspired this entire body of work:  you are my muse; thank you for revealing your secrets to me.  
To my family:  it simply wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you for the space and freedom to explore.    My heart is full and my love is BIG.

My Heart's Desire

~deep in the mountains of north-central Arizona is a cabin peeking from the woods~
~surrounded by meadows and ponderosa trees~
~I dream of this place~
~in my dream, I call it HOME.~

Storm Love, Where I've Been, and Why I am Leaving

There was a storm moving in and lots of love going 'round.

I have had a lot of questions and e-mails asking why I have to (chose to) leave the place I love.
Before I answer, please read this:  "Growing Wild" to see what it is, exactly, I am leaving.
The connecting post was published in Natural Life and Life Learning Magazines this past year.
If you are interested in unschooling or living a simple, organic life check out these magazines.
After reading "Growing Wild", go here: "Leaving What I Love"
I am a better person for having been here; I am grateful.
I am also planning the next wild adventure; stay tuned.

In My Wild Place

Here I am in my wild place:  staring up at Juniper Mesa.  Thinking about how I will manage when I leave.
It's all good; new adventures on the horizon.
Okay, so I am also thinking of my beautiful Man who is in Yosemite Valley climbing the Nose on El Cap!  Positive vibes his way please.


Everywhere I turn I am literally surrounded by Wildness and Love.  
Elk in the meadow last night; Coyotes this morning. 
Wild Mint and Watercress.
Finally identified the Yellow-Breasted Chat (with a little help from my friend Ty.)
And I get to see these little lovelies anytime I like.

New Foal Crop!

In the shadow of the Mesa, the mares and foals live a natural life.  For miles there is nothing but creeks, mesas, coyotes and cottonwoods.  We walk out among the herd to feel the presence of fresh, new life.  These foals haven't had many human moments, yet seem unafraid of us.  I even reached out and scratched one on the rump and it turned to see what I was doing but stayed!

Today I am giving thanks for yesterday's rain, new life, my sweet friends, and the wildness still in this world.

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Tiny Things I Love

I am in Love.  
And I give thanks for my life everyday!
Some people focus on things they don't want, don't like or don't have.
For most of my life (with rare exceptions) I have focused on what I love, what I have, and the infinite POSSIBILITIES of what may be.

Right this moment I Love the smell of monsoon rain on dry soil and Ponderosa trees, dragonflies, my family, the perfection of nature at work, the late afternoon sun across the meadow, using solar power, being able to see, being able to run, being able to hold the creatures I love (human and otherwise,) silence, laughter, fruit on the pear trees, shade, water, fresh garden veggies, cream from Sola (for my coffee) and.. oh yeah, My Coffee!
What are you grateful for?

Antique Stove Perfection

This is the exquisite stove I have been in love with for six years.  It is held together with a piece of cord (door doesn't shut), has no working pilot (burnt fingers), and can't regulate heat (burnt cookies.) 
One of the coolest things about this stove is the ability to use propane (right side) and wood (left side.) 
This lovely appliance has taken care of my family (since 2005) in our off-the-grid cabin in the national forest.  
After this summer, I will no longer have the pleasure of closing my stove with a piece of cord and a fastex clip.  I will be leaving Walnut Creek (as a home) and will only be coming out twice a week to visit my horses .  
I dedicate this summer to photographing and writing about all the simple and precious things that have blessed my life since the day I first met this land.
I used a scratched metal texture on this photo for emphasis. Editing was done in Photoshop, Aperture and Nik Color Efex Pro.

Once an Owl; now a Heart

I live under towering, arching Black Walnut trees (Juglans major).  For the past six years, they have provided shade in the summer, fuel in the winter (downed limbs) and sleeping nooks for our four cats.  The same Bronzed Cowbird comes each summer with his ladies and does his famous "wing dance."  Before I lived under these trees, I saw an owl when I looked at the nut.  Now I see a heart bursting open; which is exactly how I feel when I stand beneath these giants and look out over the fields on the banks of Walnut Creek.