infrared excursion installment #2

this was a very cool place to spend the day.  i was with the horses for a couple hours (hard to photograph with infrared film due to exposure times) then i went up to the old homestead.  didn't see another human for about 6 hours.  the homestead is nestled in a mountain range in central Arizona. the granite boulders surround it like silent watch dogs (more likely silent mountain lions sitting up there.)

infrared excursion

i am extra busy with school (web design - yikes) and with an amazing e-course for creatives by 
Kelly Rae Roberts.  check her out!
my most recent adventure was photographing an abandoned homestead about a mile from my horse pasture.  although i find this place extremely peaceful, it does look like a horror movie should be filmed here.  here is the first shot; more to come.
big love to all my new sisters

Five Fact Friday: Reflections of You

~i have been a rockclimber for twenty-five years~
~one time i spent two nights and three days on a "big wall" in Yosemite~
~i also spent three months hiking the appalachian trail alone; i was 19~
~i heat my entire house (600 sq. feet) with this little lovely "Fatso"~
~i have a thing for photographing bones~
~sometimes i have to drive across flash flood areas to get to and from town~
~i have an amazing family~
Ni Hao Yall

ttv (through the viewfinder) part one

through the viewfinder (ttv) is a really easy technique involving two cameras:  a digital camera and an antique TLR (twin lens reflex) camera.  essentially, you are composing the shot with the TLR and shooting with the digital.  
you will need to use a longish lens hood to keep light from entering the top of the viewfinder on the TLR.  I use a shipping tube cut to about 6-8".  paint it black (flat black spray paint) if you are getting light reflections or flares.  I attach the mailing tube to my stock lens hood with black duct tape.  

it also helps to have a macro lens attachment  (I use a cheap screw on one.)  try out different strengths; half the fun of ttv is working out the kinks and idiosyncasies.  what it will give you is a lovely dreamy look.  blurry at the edges, slightly distorted with one sweet point of focus.

in the next post i will show how people are doing faux ttv in photoshop.  super easy, but not as cool looking (in my opinion.)

cowboy cabin for an introvert

it is no secret i am an introvert; not to be confused with a misanthrope.  i love humans and i love my friends.  
  introverts are often drained of energy after lengthy interactions with other humans; contrast this to extroverts who are energized by being with groups.  
introverts think deeply; talk sparingly.
introverts love solitude; they love quiet; they love home.
enter the wilderness cabin (aka:  the bunkhouse), my dream for introversion.  
it's where i hope to go to recover.
to replenish the spirit.
this particular dreamy cabin is about 300 sqare feet of
remote, rustic minimalist living.
cabin is in an undisclosed location in the mountains of Arizona. 

hand in hand

i found this elk leg with hoof in the meadow; the hunters leave these around after field dressing.  since i collect bones and things, naturally I was excited at this find.  often, the dogs will bring them home, but chew them beyond recognition.  this one was near perfect (would have preferred if it was still running under its live elk body.)


Thank You to everyone who made my Photo Show possible and successful.  The crowd was amazing; the music was perfect (Thank You, Generation!) and the food/wine was plentiful.  To all those who have supported me (and continue to support me) by purchasing my art, again, I Thank You. 
To the land that inspired this entire body of work:  you are my muse; thank you for revealing your secrets to me.  
To my family:  it simply wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you for the space and freedom to explore.    My heart is full and my love is BIG.

Photo Show in April

My work will be up from April 26th - May 23rd.  This will be a collection of prints from my last year at Walnut Creek.  The location is:  Arts Prescott Gallery on Whiskey Row in Downtown Prescott.  
Come to the opening!  April 27th  6pm-8pm.
Click Here for details.