Storm Love, Where I've Been, and Why I am Leaving

There was a storm moving in and lots of love going 'round.

I have had a lot of questions and e-mails asking why I have to (chose to) leave the place I love.
Before I answer, please read this:  "Growing Wild" to see what it is, exactly, I am leaving.
The connecting post was published in Natural Life and Life Learning Magazines this past year.
If you are interested in unschooling or living a simple, organic life check out these magazines.
After reading "Growing Wild", go here: "Leaving What I Love"
I am a better person for having been here; I am grateful.
I am also planning the next wild adventure; stay tuned.


Everywhere I turn I am literally surrounded by Wildness and Love.  
Elk in the meadow last night; Coyotes this morning. 
Wild Mint and Watercress.
Finally identified the Yellow-Breasted Chat (with a little help from my friend Ty.)
And I get to see these little lovelies anytime I like.

New Foal Crop!

In the shadow of the Mesa, the mares and foals live a natural life.  For miles there is nothing but creeks, mesas, coyotes and cottonwoods.  We walk out among the herd to feel the presence of fresh, new life.  These foals haven't had many human moments, yet seem unafraid of us.  I even reached out and scratched one on the rump and it turned to see what I was doing but stayed!

Today I am giving thanks for yesterday's rain, new life, my sweet friends, and the wildness still in this world.

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Hazy Summer Chica

~I spend hours following the horses around in the afternoons to get the "perfect" shot.  Back lit, sun-flares, simplicity, connection.  Out of thirty shots, I might get one very special moment.  This is my favorite for this week.~
Used the texture "Bent Edges" from Kim Klassen

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