Arizona Winter

(null)It's been like this...  mixed sun and overcast.... rain and snow dustings.... then sun again.     Cold one day, then t-shirts the next. Bi-polar weather is always a surprise.  25 years of living in and loving this weather, but I must admit, I would really love some snow right now.

Recently, I walked for a few hours along the upper Verde River canyon rim. It was downright balmy!  Saw a few hares, a red tailed hawk, many rascally ravens, and a barn owl swooping silently up from the canyon bottom. Otherwise, not a soul to be heard or seen.


(null)Jackass Butte in the distance. Moki and I head down one of the many "Iron Gate" trails to the bottom of the canyon. (null)There are a bunch of basalt boulders down here with words and pics from days past (and present.)  Throughout time, people have added theirs to the mix.  I would love to have seen this before modern peeps scraped their names into it.(null)

(null)I didn't touch the Petroglyphs, but wanted to make a quick (barefoot) move to the top of the right side.  I've been visiting this boulder for twenty-five years, rock-climbing the canyon walls surrounding it and swimming in the pools.  We don't climb where the Petros are, or where the birds (owls, falcons, ravens) are nesting.  I sat atop this ancient boulder and watched ravens flying in and out of the canyon, black specs against and on-again/off-again deep blue sky.(null)The back side of the Petroglyph boulder, with the "Shadowlands" side of the canyon seen behind.(null)

(null)This is the biggest Petroglyph I have ever seen.  It is as big as me.  Foot for reference.  Pregnant Mule Deer, Pronghorn, or Elk??  What do you think?(null)


Still Waiting

IMG_4586-1.JPG Mid January and only a couple of dustings of snow. I was given TWO new pairs of snow shoes: a modern pair and these old beauties. They both need to be taken for a spin, but for now....sunny dry days to enjoy.

Birthday Giveaway! 3rd Annual

It's that time.


December 15th, 2014 was a big day for me.   BIG.    I don't take 50 lightly, but I'm an optimist, super healthy, and I LOVE my life. So, here's to 50 more years on this incredible Planet!  3rd Annual Birthday Giveaway.  Hint: what's around my neck....

I'll be picking the winner on January 1st.  Three ways to win:  #1 leave a comment here and a way to contact/email you. Or,  #2  go to my Mountain Found Facebook page, follow me and leave your name/contact email there.  Or, #3 Follow me on Mountain Found Instagram and leave name/instagram name in comments.


Turkey Feathers and Autumn Magic

turkey feathers

hawk feathers



We had our first snow the other night.  Early November in Arizona. Who would of thought, right?  But here in the high mountains, it can snow as early as October, and as late as Memorial Day (late May.)  I love this place.   We sleep outside in very cold temps, snuggled into our winter down bags, waking to frost and frozen creeks.  The critters all emerge as soon as the high desert sun hits them, and before long, temperatures rise from the night-time 20's to the 70's.

The horses break the ice at the creek to get water in the morning, then by afternoon, they are rolling in it to cool off.   These are special days.  Before we begin spending hours of every day next to the wood-stove, we get outside as much as we can.  Walk and walk until the dark settles in. Run. Climb. Collect. Create.

Soak up the Autumn Magic.

New Work and Prints at Society6


While quiet, I've been a busy little art maker.  My Jewelry and photographic art are now being shown down at the local coop:  Arts Prescott Gallery in Downtown Prescott, AZ.  If you happen upon our little (not so anymore) town, stop in to 134 s. Montezuma st., smack dab center of the Historic Whiskey Row.  There are some amazing art makers down there!

I am also selling my art prints (unframed, framed, stretched canvas, and stationery cards) on Society6.  The quality of their prints is outstanding, using 100% cotton rag for the paper prints.  Luscious!

14787037730_9a554f4469_o group hug


Find me on Instagram to get the latest updates on new work!

Cheers Chiclets!

✻ Giveaway. Yay ✻

Treasures from Wild Mountain
That's right. I turned 49 on Sunday.  Wow!
And because ALL of you are so amazing and because I love giving things away, it's time for the annual Birthday Giveaway.
A special care package just for you!
And it will come before the New Year.
A set of prints, a treasure from the Wild Mountain Shop, and other fun soul nuggets from sunny Arizona.
All you need to do is leave a comment here, or on my facebook, or twitter, or anywhere else you can find me.  Make sure you let me know it is for the giveaway.
Big Love to you all.

Shop Closed for the Weekend

I will be closing the shop tomorrow morning for an upcoming art sale in Prescott.  If there is something you are interested in, let me know, or purchase before 8am Saturday morning, or it could be gone.
I will re-open the shop on Sunday afternoon after updating the inventory.
Have a wild and wonderful weekend!

Happy Birthday to Me!

This is my birthday month!
Later this month I will be featuring the annual GIVEAWAY.  Woohoo.  (stay tuned.)
15% off ALL month on everything in stock. (my birthday is on the 15th.)
I have been so busy working my feet. walking. exploring. wandering. running.
the weather has been amazing but we expect it will shift tomorrow.
Good thing my hard working man put a lot of wood away.
↟ our cute little back studio ↟
↟ the mysterious mountain mahogany ↟
↟ lots of prescribed burns in the forests; makes for good shooting ↡
My shop has a few new items.
(I did get a little work done these past few autumn months.)
Stay tuned for the giveaway.  Last year I gave away an 11x14 matted print.  This year it will be a.......
can't tell you yet.
hugs and kisses

Wandering Feet

Autumn has brought on a new kind of restless.  All I can focus on is grabbing camera, coffee and proper footwear and HEADING OUT!

Does this happen to you?

I mean, really, I have always hiked, run and wandered far and wide.  But this is different:  I have no desire to be in the studio, on the computer, keep up with business things, edit photos, do dishes, even write back to my friends (you know who you are.)

I just want to wander with my camera.

I have hundreds of photos to edit, print, and upload.  I have rolls of film waiting to be developed in the darkroom.  I have orders to fill and holiday sales to prepare for and what do I do?
I grab the water, the dog, the Stanley (coffee), the polaroid, the digital, the journal....
And I go.
Somebody please tell me I am not going off the deep end. You may say "well, winter is can sit by the fire and work then..."
I say "snowshoes and wool!"
I have literally hundreds of photos from these past couple months just waiting to be shared.
Rivers, Mountains, Mesas, Canyons, Creeks, Cabins.
There is work to be done out there.  My heart simply must be there.  My feet simply must move.
I am an insatiable, wandering set of legs.
Do enjoy your autumn, my sweet friends, wherever you are.
p.s. I found this message for you under my feet on this overlook rock I go.

Wolf, Coyote, and Gratitude

Here are the boys:  Papa (Kona) and son (Moki.)
This summer we lost Kona to cancer.
He was 7 years old.
We buried him in the horse pasture between Walnut Creek and Apache Creek (not far from where he is standing in this photo.)
Kona was the best dog I have ever had, and I told him every day.  I really did... I actually called him "best-dog-I-ever-had"
Thank You Kona,
for the time we had together,
all the years you gave selflessly to our family,
all your chicken and child protection services.
Thank you for singing to us every single day (several times...)
when the roosters crowed.
I love you Wolf
and now..
it is just Moki.
And he is one of the purest souls-full-of-LOVE I have ever met.
He is walking in his dad's footsteps.
..stepped right up to being my best running partner, best family protector
and (a less needy) best-dog-ever-had.
I love you Coyote