Day out in Hidden Canyon

I love my Pentax 6x7!
first three photos are taken with the beast.
fourth is taken with iphone.
last is taken with Pentax K10 

↟ my photogenic beauty ↡

Spring LOVE is flowing big!
and lots of new LOVELIES in the shop.
speaking of lovelies, just one more of my favorite model.
Be grateful everyday for something (even just one thing) in your life.
Make this one wild and precious life something to be grateful for.

Too Much Goodness (never)

sometimes when I wait too long to post and a lot is going on, I become so overwhelmed with it all
 that I can't even start.  Just too much goodness! 
so I will start with this:  
I was featured over HERE today; this lady has a great space and has featured some really excellent artists.
I am still getting used to my new (old) schedule having my daughter out of school.  I am leaping in joy that she chose to "unschool" again.  However, it takes a little time readjusting the schedule and routine I finally got into after she decided to GO to school two years ago.  I am making less art to sell but making a more artful  life by nourishing her in hear learning and nurturing her growth into a young woman.
She amazes me everyday!  (she decided she wanted to learn French, so just started teaching herself and said after French she will learn Russian.) 
Go Kiva! 
I'll get into the swing of things, balance all of our needs and still get out roaming the mountains.
speaking of....
I found this lovely treasure while on the side of Maverick mnt. (juvenile javelina)
Also found a young buck killed by a mountain lion
And made these beauties (with local turquoise) to honor his remains 
Went rock climbing with my family here
And updated the SHOP with some new lovlies like this one
I hope you all are able to enjoy this amazing spring weather.  get out and move that body, breathe the fresh air and be grateful everyday for something.

reading by the creek

I've been going through some negatives from last summer and found this lovely one taken with the ever amazing Mamiya c33.  This was an everyday occurrence in the life of my little homeschooler.  reading in a tree.  reading at the picnic table.  reading next to the woodstove.  reading while lying next to the creek. 

wild awareness

Underneath it all, we are wild and we know it.
-Reggie Ray, Buddhist scholar
I'm curious; what does wild mean to you?  

to me wild means trusting my instincts; lying on a sunny boulder feeling like a lizard, no human sounds but my own breath and heart beat.  wild is knowing how to birth a baby with no instructions from a doctor.  wild is preferring to sip my tea overlooking a trickling creek than in a bustling cafe.  wild is knowing with my entire being that I am part of this earth, just as other creatures are. exactly.

wild is feeling the pulse of the earth as our own.  running. walking through a forest, along a beach, up a mountain and feeling "at home".  wild is building a fire to stay warm; heck, it's just knowing that it is fire that keeps us warm.  taking food from the earth with our own hands is wild.  it's instinct; it's intuition.

wild is being connected to life's processes.  it's feeling something in our gut; that's what animals do. but beyond that, wild is trusting it.

understanding how nature works helps us understand our own wildness but it's not necessary.  we don't need to understand why ants do what they do to appreciate how we are the same (if you don't think we are similar, look at what they are doing.)

babies know they are wild when they cry for a breast (until we teach them it's not time; they have to be nourished on a schedule.)  toddlers still know they are wild until we teach them it's not okay to sit in the dirt.  we culture and domesticize the wild right out of us pretty quickly.  On The Surface.

but if we sit alone by the creek long enough, or watch the birds collecting seeds before a storm, or sleep under stars long enough, we will remember.  growing food.  hunting food.  chopping wood.  birthing babies.  making fire with a stick.  defending our young.  swimming in wild water.  lying in a sunny patch in the forest with a lover.  these things can help us remember.
  -being on the computer?  probably not.
  -rushing in to starbucks for a pumpkin latte? not so much.
  -checking stats on facebook/blog/website?  nope

but hey, I'm not making fun - I do these things too.  They're just not my wildest moments.

we have jobs, we have children and laundry and orthodontist appointments.  we have oil changes, toilets to clean, teacher conferences and bills to pay.  But, I am a wild creature and I know it.  whether it is a trait valued in our culture or not.

So, what does wild mean to you?

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Five Fact Friday: Reflections of You

~i have been a rockclimber for twenty-five years~
~one time i spent two nights and three days on a "big wall" in Yosemite~
~i also spent three months hiking the appalachian trail alone; i was 19~
~i heat my entire house (600 sq. feet) with this little lovely "Fatso"~
~i have a thing for photographing bones~
~sometimes i have to drive across flash flood areas to get to and from town~
~i have an amazing family~
Ni Hao Yall

Leaving what I Love

Something I will miss (on a daily basis) is the way the afternoon sun hits last year's grass and lights it up.  Anyone who has connected to land this way will understand what I mean.  And for those who haven't, imagine just loving the sight of anything your child does.  That pure joy of watching their joy, or the heart wrenching feeling of seeing them hurt.  Loving land does compare to that feeling.  It is deep in you; it is part of your flesh.

When the rancher up creek clear-cuts the old growth Ponderosa for his cattle, you feel it in your stomach; your heart.

I am leaving Walnut Creek for my family.  My youngest child (whose brothers are no longer home) has needed more than what we could provide here on the land.  I am not talking about schooling; though she has decided to go to school after being unschooled her whole life.  I am talking about more socializing and pursuing her dreams of competitive gymnastics and playing with a sting band.  All of these activities are an hour drive from home.  Being in town all day, gas prices, getting home after dark, having my dogs pissed off at me, never seeing my horses, not being able to keep up with my garden, and mostly not being able to do my job here at the Walnut Creek Center; these are the reasons why I could not stay here.  I am back for the summer (my last) until the new managers take the position.  After that...I'm not sure.

My children are only children for another 8 years or so.  I can pursue my dreams after they've gotten a good start on theirs. They lived on this land and close to nature, in very remote and rustic conditions for most of their lives.  That style of life isn't for everyone and it never felt right imposing my dreams on them (unless they, too, wanted the same thing.)

In a few years, I will move back to the cabin in the mountains where all I hear at night are coyotes, tree frogs and elk bugling.  For now, I will enjoy the last six weeks I have with my Love Land.  After that, I will still come twice a week to tend to the horses, walk the creeks and mesas, and photograph the land I love best.

The Daily Wyatt