a little trot through the woods and other things

I just added a couple things to my shop.  Check out the new earrings: both Turquoise Howlite and Jasper with Elk antler.  
Here are a few photos.

Thank you to everyone who purchased before I left for the Northeast.  I can still ship while I am away and if you order today, I think I can get them to you before Christmas.
While I was walking (before I left) I saw these things that made me smile:
I found the blackberry brandy bottle deep in the forest tucked behind a boulder, remnants of the brandy still inside.  I like to imagine what kind of human brought the brandy deep in the forest and tucked the bottle so neatly after he finished.  Was he sleeping nearby? Hunting deer?  javelina?  elk?  mountain lion?  or did he just want to sit in a magical place to sip the cordial?
Have a wonderful Season; enjoy every breath and moment with your loved ones.  
☆ They are precious; as are YOU ☆

Geronimo's Cabin

Deep in the Prescott National Forest is a legendary cabin.  To find it you must be lucky or guided or know someone who knows someone.  There are no directions; no trails or roads to speak of and no cell service.  Geronimo's cabin stands preserved and respected by those who stumble upon it.  
Several pairs of boots are strewn about the cabin, and one sits on the mantle beside an old tin can of dried flowers and twigs.  
The cabin is built into the hillside, nestled into a large boulder.  The stove pipe emerges from the old tin roof:  a reminder of warm nights.  Though the story goes that he went to the mountains out of a broken heart and lived there until his death in the early 50's.  
Lying in the grass in the sunny forest below the cabin, I could feel why the woodcutter Geronimo chose this place.  It is secluded and not near an obvious water source, miles and miles to the nearest access point.  If you want to be left alone you go where no one would think to look.  
Some people understand the forest is where to go if you want to heal.  
I do.  
Geronimo did.

More Arizona Snow

We've had two storms  (nearly a foot each) two weekends in a row.  Both times, the snow accumulation melts nearly away by the next storm.  Creeks are flowing freely around here and people are spending more time stocking up on firewood.  Storms help us focus on the simple needs in life: shelter, warmth, water, and food.  We come in after a long walk in foot deep snow; we make tea and hot chocolate coconut milk; we build a good fire in the wood-stove and read a book, or work on homework or draw.  In other places, where snow is plentiful, I imagine people are always prepared.  Here is Arizona, we take the daily warmth and sunshine for granted; a storm comes and people scrabble around for basics.

Granite Mountain Wilderness Area, Yavapai County, AZ


We are still here, on the land. I am doing all the things I love to do (growing children, growing food, playing with horses, walking the wild and rugged places, making art) In a place I love to be, with the people I love to be around.

The days are cold now, sunny, dry, windy and cold. The ponies are fuzzy and frisky. The children don’t get out as much as I’d like and life just zooms on. We are all growing; some growing up, others growing old. Just turned 43. My long brown hair is streaked here and there with silver hairs. This doesn’t bother me, but the harsh, dry air and high desert sun is really working me over, and gravity is having its way with me.

I have always found New Year’s resolutions to be a bizarre idea. What makes a new calendar year any different than how I have already been living? Why is that day the day to make changes? All the changes I’d like to make in my life are ones I have been trying to make anyway. Every day: more GRATITUDE, more PATIENCE, more joy, always, always: more KINDNESS to others and self, SIMPLIFY, GIVE more, breathe more deeply, LISTEN to the wild, speak out for someone (something) that needs it, SLOW down with family, thoughts, horses, expectations, plant a tree (or ten) LOVE FREELY.