Brave Girl

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photo (18) photo (20)image_4 image_3This bag has been extremely satisfying to create.  I have taken it from a freshly hunted (for meat) Arizona Mule Deer hide, to a piece of buttery soft buckskin, to a delicately finished functional art piece.   First, there were many hours scraping the hide in the cool autumn sunshine, then the tanning, stretching, and smoking of it.  Then visions of what I might fashion from it.  To be honest, I kept the perfect buckskin for YEARS before I would cut into it.  I thought...this just takes too much work to cut up.  But knowing that I can tan as many hides as I need, I decided to finally honor the mule deer's remains by creating something useful with its precious hide.   Hours upon hours in front of the wood-burning stove (sewing, beading, attaching, dreaming) to create a finished piece of bright beauty.  I always use the most natural, low-tech techniques and materials in my work.  Brain-tanned, cottonwood smoked, hand-stitched and beaded.  The antler buttons are from naturally collected antler sheds found here in Arizona.

May you always have bright, brave beauty in your life!

xoxo au revoir, mes amis