infrared excursion installment #2

this was a very cool place to spend the day.  i was with the horses for a couple hours (hard to photograph with infrared film due to exposure times) then i went up to the old homestead.  didn't see another human for about 6 hours.  the homestead is nestled in a mountain range in central Arizona. the granite boulders surround it like silent watch dogs (more likely silent mountain lions sitting up there.)

infrared excursion

i am extra busy with school (web design - yikes) and with an amazing e-course for creatives by 
Kelly Rae Roberts.  check her out!
my most recent adventure was photographing an abandoned homestead about a mile from my horse pasture.  although i find this place extremely peaceful, it does look like a horror movie should be filmed here.  here is the first shot; more to come.
big love to all my new sisters