Wild Burros!

I have been wanting to find the burros as long as I have known they live just two hours away.
before we even got to the creek they were there; standing in front of us.
curious but wary.

cool old car in a dry wash on the way down
Burro creek wilderness area is a low desert water wonderland.  hiking, swimming, shade trees, rock walls and a tiny bit of canyoneering fun if you don't want to hike overland.
the canyon opens up to a great swimming and camping area. 
Always inspired when I've been out exploring, I came back with a few new design ideas and have they been popular!
I sold one right off my person within the first day after making one.
so fun!
the sterling silver ball chain adds a soft touch to the rugged nature of the antler and turquoise.
also in copper.
I hope May finds you elbow deep in some garden soil, high on a mountain ridge, or kissing the velvet muzzle of your favorite wild pony.
Big hugs to all my wild mountain lovin' sisters!

running with coyote

I have had some sweet warm hikes in the forest.
60 degree days, Arizona sun and a loyal coyote to hike with.
Moki is a great running and hiking companion.  he was born and raised far from the busy-ness of town.    he is a true wild child and an excellent protector of the children.  
the wood stove that heats our entire little cabin (600 square feet.)
↟ the new honor the elk earrings with turquoise ↟

↟ as requested, I have added a smaller sized pendant to the shop ↟

Photo Show in April

My work will be up from April 26th - May 23rd.  This will be a collection of prints from my last year at Walnut Creek.  The location is:  Arts Prescott Gallery on Whiskey Row in Downtown Prescott.  
Come to the opening!  April 27th  6pm-8pm.
Click Here for details.

Study on Moving Water#1

I have an interest in moving water and the many ways to photograph it.  This is shot at an f/32 and 8 sec.
I was sitting in Walnut Creek waiting for the breeze to stop so the leaves wouldn't blur.  I also used a circular polarizing filter and a neutral density filter so I could get the shutter speed slow enough.
I used a tripod (necessary) and a remote.  I sat in the water with the tripod so I could hold it stable against the flowing water.
I processed it in ACR (adobe camera raw) and photoshop.