fire on the mountain, porcupine quills, and brass bullet shells.

there is a wildfire here in the mountains.
it broke out about 3 hours ago.
the forest is burning near my beloved Granite Mountain.
in addition to that, my husband is a fire-fighter.
so, I have many reasons to fear these fires.
he may be gone for days, and my forest may burn.
and after reading one of my favorite BLOGS (where my friend wrote about her love for trees), 
I will just say that when I ask my daughter the question "do you know what I love?" she kind of rolls her eyes and says, "Trees."
I spend a lot of time with trees.  
and now some of my most loved ones are burning.  BIG.
on a lighter note:  
I find all sorts of things when I am out in the forests and canyons: 
some cool; some weird; some stinky.
found a porcupine on Mingus Mountain
find pockets full of brass .22 shells
deer legs
bones of all sorts
found a skunks tail (no sign of the rest of him)
an entire drip system for a garden (hmm, wonder what they were growing out there...)
nice cowboy boots
brand new Rayban sunglasses (still have them)
nice camping cup
a dry bag for canyoneering
and two days ago, husband found THIS for me while in an un-named canyon on the Mogollon Rim!  Yippee!
stay tuned for where this beauty ends up.
I have long wondered what to do with all the empty bullet shells I find while I am out wandering around the mountains and mesas.  Not any more.  
I made a test pair of earrings and wore them to the farmer's market last Saturday.
SO many compliments and sales, I just had to make some for the shop.
Also HUGE shop update and more to come.
check out these babes. Ugly, but SO cute.
a hike with an unexpected surprise
Take care,  sweet june bugs.

a bird in the hand

this precious thing flew into the back of my truck while we were parked up at Bear and Sundance canyon.  It crashed into the cooler and its claws and beak got stuck in the carpet on the bed liner.  It hit pretty hard; I was sure it was dead.  
I picked it up and held it in my hands.  I stroked its tiny head and wings.  
I breathed on it and said whispery things in its feathered ears.
I held it for maybe 15 minutes after it started blinking its eyes.  we put honey water near its beak.  
That little friend shook its head and flew onto a branch about 3 feet away where it hung out for another 15.  
and for the record, I have had this experience with an owl we hit with the truck (on our honeymoon!)
AND the day before I gave birth to my son a hummingbird landed on me and hopped onto my finger when I held it out.  
I have held about 10 hummingbirds in my life; all alive; always a breathtaking moment.  
I love those feathery things.

anyone who lives near cottonwood trees knows what happens when they bloom.  If you have allergies you probably curse the season.  The birds take advantage and make beautiful houses.  
This one blew down after our typical (very) windy spring.

A horned lizard on the trail.  Some people call it a horny toad, but it is really a lizard.  
I love these guys best when they are alive. 
But I do love that I can see the skeleton through the dried skin of this dead one.  
One-seed Juniper seeds (ghost beads) gathered near my horse pasture on Apache creek.  Many are "pre-drilled" by a tiny worm or insect.  About half of the beads I find already have the hole.  These are the special ones.
I have made many a choker with these in the past.  I may bring them back to the shop; we'll see.

Wild Burros!

I have been wanting to find the burros as long as I have known they live just two hours away.
before we even got to the creek they were there; standing in front of us.
curious but wary.

cool old car in a dry wash on the way down
Burro creek wilderness area is a low desert water wonderland.  hiking, swimming, shade trees, rock walls and a tiny bit of canyoneering fun if you don't want to hike overland.
the canyon opens up to a great swimming and camping area. 
Always inspired when I've been out exploring, I came back with a few new design ideas and have they been popular!
I sold one right off my person within the first day after making one.
so fun!
the sterling silver ball chain adds a soft touch to the rugged nature of the antler and turquoise.
also in copper.
I hope May finds you elbow deep in some garden soil, high on a mountain ridge, or kissing the velvet muzzle of your favorite wild pony.
Big hugs to all my wild mountain lovin' sisters!

↠ the many lives of cervid antlers ↞

most of you know:
I collect antlers.
from deer and elk.
I find them wandering.
friends give them to me.
they are roadkill
or mountain lion kill.
every time I find one,
 I am moved to make something to honor the life it had
before I happened upon it's loveliness.
Once again,
I honor you elk
I honor you deer.
Thank You
also a few pieces
from my beloved pipestone and local turquoise

Too Much Goodness (never)

sometimes when I wait too long to post and a lot is going on, I become so overwhelmed with it all
 that I can't even start.  Just too much goodness! 
so I will start with this:  
I was featured over HERE today; this lady has a great space and has featured some really excellent artists.
I am still getting used to my new (old) schedule having my daughter out of school.  I am leaping in joy that she chose to "unschool" again.  However, it takes a little time readjusting the schedule and routine I finally got into after she decided to GO to school two years ago.  I am making less art to sell but making a more artful  life by nourishing her in hear learning and nurturing her growth into a young woman.
She amazes me everyday!  (she decided she wanted to learn French, so just started teaching herself and said after French she will learn Russian.) 
Go Kiva! 
I'll get into the swing of things, balance all of our needs and still get out roaming the mountains.
speaking of....
I found this lovely treasure while on the side of Maverick mnt. (juvenile javelina)
Also found a young buck killed by a mountain lion
And made these beauties (with local turquoise) to honor his remains 
Went rock climbing with my family here
And updated the SHOP with some new lovlies like this one
I hope you all are able to enjoy this amazing spring weather.  get out and move that body, breathe the fresh air and be grateful everyday for something.

running with coyote

I have had some sweet warm hikes in the forest.
60 degree days, Arizona sun and a loyal coyote to hike with.
Moki is a great running and hiking companion.  he was born and raised far from the busy-ness of town.    he is a true wild child and an excellent protector of the children.  
the wood stove that heats our entire little cabin (600 square feet.)
↟ the new honor the elk earrings with turquoise ↟

↟ as requested, I have added a smaller sized pendant to the shop ↟

skinny dipping in february?

let me just say a few words that sum up the past few weeks:
pendleton wool
skinny dipping
flowing water
smart wool
fresh powder
inspired work

☆ NOW on ETSY 

oops, just sold! sorry.

running, exploring and new shop update

➳ I've just uploaded the new elk antler pendants with a larger turquoise piece. 
I still have the originals in the shop, as well as wild and lovely earrings.  
I will be adding more treasures soon.
The temps were in the 60's the last couple of weeks so I was getting out as much as I could:  hiking, walking and running up on mt. tritle, in hassayampa river valley, in the apache creek and juniper mesa wilderness areas.  These excursions refresh my spirit and body and allow me time to take photos (you should try running with a vintage TLR Mamiya over your shoulder.  I usually go out for 2 - 3 hours; or 3 - 5 miles depending on what I am doing and when I have to get back to work.  (Though I like to think when I am out running and capturing images and collecting antlers I am working.  
p.s.  check out these; Amazing.