Tree Girl Collection


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I just added these babies to the SHOP, and sold the first pair in 30 minutes.  So I promptly added another pair and will finish five more tomorrow.  The Western Juniper slices are a nice rich red color:  so sweet.  They speak to my tree girl heart.  I would live inside a tree if I could.

This is what I said about them in the listing:

".... the simplicity of the Tree Girl earrings. Deep rich reddish Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) slices finished with Tung oil and buffed with Beeswax.  Inlaid with Kingman, Arizona Turquoise. Hand shaped and lightly textured sterling silver ear wires topped with copper beads."

Climb a tree. Build a fort. Honor the forest. Be brave. Roam far.

And by the way this is a great book:  Tree Girl by T.A Barron about a girl who is part tree.  I am that girl:   who is mothered by the wild Willow;  Who is torn between the human world and the world of her wild ancestors.

Are you a Tree Girl?