Turkey Feathers and Autumn Magic

turkey feathers

hawk feathers



We had our first snow the other night.  Early November in Arizona. Who would of thought, right?  But here in the high mountains, it can snow as early as October, and as late as Memorial Day (late May.)  I love this place.   We sleep outside in very cold temps, snuggled into our winter down bags, waking to frost and frozen creeks.  The critters all emerge as soon as the high desert sun hits them, and before long, temperatures rise from the night-time 20's to the 70's.

The horses break the ice at the creek to get water in the morning, then by afternoon, they are rolling in it to cool off.   These are special days.  Before we begin spending hours of every day next to the wood-stove, we get outside as much as we can.  Walk and walk until the dark settles in. Run. Climb. Collect. Create.

Soak up the Autumn Magic.